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Ceramic Braces

"Searching for ceramic braces in Dubai?"


If you have been planning to get ceramic braces in Dubai, we suggest you do your research first. Many dental clinics available here in Dubai offer you ceramic braces, and not everyone has the same payment plan. The braces cost in Dubai will undoubtedly vary depending upon your requirements with the brace type and complexity of the case; you need to choose a dental clinic whose payment plan aligns with your budget.


The traditional metal braces are more affordable than the clear ones; one costs around AED 3,500 with monthly installments, whereas the latter costs around AED 9,000. Apart from these braces types, there are other braces, such as ceramic braces that start at AED 12,000 and Damon braces that begin at AED 14,000to 18,000.


If you want to know what Ceramic braces cost in Dubai, contact Veneto Clinic in Dubai—giving you a reason to smile since 2019!

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