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Braces Tips Every Patient Should Know


At Veneto Clinic, we do all we can to make your time in braces as comfortable and worry-free as possible. However, your braces may have some little (and not so minor) issues. If something unexpected happens to your braces or your mouth, please visit the Veneto Clinic so that we may aid you in resolving the problem with your Best teeth braces in Dubai. Please keep these helpful suggestions in mind if you want to be prepared for any complications with your braces.


Carry Braces Wax

Orthodontic wax can be a lifesaver if you have an irritated bracket, band, or wire. Instead of attempting to fix the loose portion yourself, cover the sharp, irritating end with some orthodontic brace wax and call us for additional instructions. We recommend bringing wax with you at all times to have it on hand when you need it. We are serving pocket-friendly braces cost in Dubai at the Veneto Clinic today.


Carry Braces Care Kit with You

We recommend taking a brace care kit to school or work to ensure you always have everything you need to wash your teeth and braces and manage any minor issues. Place your toothbrush, floss, and orthodontic wax in a tiny zipped pouch or plastic container. This way, you'll always have everything you need to keep your teeth and braces in good working order when you're out and about.


Quit Bad Habits

You'll have to decide between breaking your bad habits and breaking your brackets if you wear the best braces in Dubai. Grinding your nails, chewing on pen caps or ice cubes, and using your teeth as tools all jeopardise your brackets and wires.


Brush Your Braces

Orthodontic patients should brush after every meal to keep their teeth and gums nutritious. At the very least, two minutes. Ensure you get the front, back, and top of each tooth.


Eat the Right Food

Stick to soft meals when you initially receive braces to prevent further pain and discomfort in your mouth. You should eat items that won't harm your braces or become trapped between the brackets even after your mouth has healed.


Wear Rubber Bands Properly

Rubber bands, commonly known as elastics or inter-arch rubber bands, are used to cure malocclusion. Make sure you follow your orthodontist's instructions for wearing the elastics. Patients are often compelled to wear them 24 hours a day. Because rubber bands lose elasticity over time, they should be replaced at least three times a day.


Never Stop Smiling

It's crucial to maintain a smile even if you're self-conscious about having braces on your teeth. It's contagious when you smile a lot! Plus, if you conceal your teeth when chatting or laughing, others will notice them more, so be proud of your best teeth braces in Dubai and show them off!


To Conclude

Do you want to try Invisalign or affordble braces in Dubai? Get in touch with the Veneto Clinic! We hope that those who already have braces will find these suggestions helpful! If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, we offer dental implant services Invisalign, surgical orthodontics, and props.

Traditional metal braces: 

Consists of metallic brackets and arch wires made of stainless steel and NiTi wires. 

The brackets are attached to teeth and by the use of the wires, will allow proper teeth positioning and alignment. 

Ceramic Braces: 

The same mechanism as the metallic braces in shape, size and function. 

The ceramic braces are made of clear ceramic which gives the same color of the tooth and make them less visible and more esthetic as compared to the steel brackets. They are more expensive then regular steel brackets. 

Self ligating braces:

Self ligating braces look same as traditional metallic braces.

They have clips to hold the wires instead of elastic bands or steel ligatures. They are similar in function to traditional metal braces but are expensive.

Lingual Braces:


Lingual braces are made of metal but they are attached on the inside of the teeth and are not easily visible.

They are slightly less effective compared to the traditional metallic/ceramic treatment and take longer period of time to achieve the required tooth movement.

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